Why get Certified?

The job market has changed. While on the job experience is valuable, employers want people that constantly upskill themselves and the certifications to prove those skills. You may be the best driver in the world, but no one will hire you as a driver unless you have a driver's license. This is now playing out in all the industries.

Silver Platypus has been providing professional training services gloablly since 2013. We cater for both corporate and government clients through our offerings of self-paced eLearning options or virtual training workshops. Silver Platypus is a registered provider to the Australian Government Departments via the Digital Marketplace as well as the South African Government.

We are registered training partners of Arcitura Education Inc. and Jason Little & Associates.

Arcitura Education is a leading global provider of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certification programs. Arcitura accreditation programs provide online proctoring of exams and digital badges for those that achieve certification in their field. We provide both self-paced eLearning packages and virtual training opportunities for individuals and corporations. Arcitura Certiftraining programs cover areas such as AI, DevOps, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Microservices and SOA.

Jason Little & Asscoiates are known for Lean Change Management that has proven time and again that in order to keep pace with the organisation change these days, it is necessary to be Lean. Agile approaches to project delivery demand quick changes and the traditional change management approaches cannot keep pace. 

All our training programs come with worldwide recognition and provide digital badges that you can use on LinkedIn to bolster your profile and show your expertise.

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