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SAFe® for Lean Enterprises is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices, and competencies for Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

The latest version, SAFe 4.6, introduces the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise that are critical to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital age:

 Lean-Agile Leadership – Advancing and applying Lean-Agile leadership skills

 Team and Technical Agility – Driving technical practices including Built-in Quality, Behavior-Driven development (BDD), Agile testing, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and more

 DevOps and Release on Demand – Building the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, and implementing DevOps and Release and Demand

 Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering – Building the largest software applications and cyber-physical solutions

Lean Portfolio Management Lean Portfolio Management – Executing portfolio vision and strategy formulation, chartering portfolios, creating the Vision, Lean budgets and Guardrails, as well as portfolio prioritization, and roadmapping.

A Brief History of SAFe

With five major updates since its initial release in 2011, SAFe has grown with the marketplace as we uncover new and better ways of developing software and systems. Although new versions of the SAFe Big Picture are released only occasionally, the Framework knowledge base is continuously updated with new and improved guidance between releases. Please subscribe to SAFe Updates to stay informed of these important changes.

Our Mission

Our core belief is simple: Better software and systems make the world a better place. We help enterprises achieve this mission through the development and publication of the SAFe website, and through our world-class courseware, training, and certification programs.

As you can see from the numerous Case Studies, many enterprises—large and small—are getting outstanding business benefits from applying SAFe. These typically include:

  • 20 – 50% increase in productivity
  • 25 – 75% improvements in quality
  • 30 – 75% faster time-to-market
  • 10 – 50% increase in employee engagement and job satisfaction

As you can imagine, with these kinds of results, the practice of SAFe is spreading rapidly around the world. Seventy percent of Fortune 100 companies, and a growing number of the Global 2000 have certified SAFe professionals and consultants on-site, and over 300,000 practitioners have been trained to date.

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