As innovation and disruption continue to increase, more and more organizations are looking for how to change faster in order to remain competitive. Many of those organizations are looking at Agile to do that, but tend to use outdated change management approaches that are not equipped to manage fast-paced change.

This 2-day workshop is designed to show you how to use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change. Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, Organizational Development, and Change Management in order to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with.

The focus:

  • Lean Change within existing frameworks, practices and methodologies, such as PROSCI, PCI et al.
  • How to use Lean Change within any environment, e.g. Agile, Waterfall, Lean in a Project or Business As Usual
  • Have practical tools to start using straight away and get immediate results
  • The Lean Change Cycle — Insights, Options and Experiments
  • Learn how to co-create a Team Canvas and identify when it could be used
  • Learn how to use Perspectives
  • Mapping to gain alignment for your changes
  • Learn how to use a Blast Radius to identify and map the impact of your change
  • Learn how to use the Strategic Change Canvas
  • An understanding of multiple approaches for solving change challenges


You’ll learn what Agile is, and how to apply Agile thinking to your change programs, as well as many good practices and light-weight planning and exploration tools for getting your change off the ground and headed in the right direction.

An action-biased collection of modern change management ideas, practices, and tools inspired by Agile, Lean, and Lean Startup thinking that have been designed to help your organization keep pace with today’s torrid pace of change.


We deliver the LEAN Change Agent course in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For a course near you, check here: LEAN Change Training

For private training for your organisation, please contact us directly using the Contact Us form or by sending an email to 


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