Here you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Are there certifications associated with the courses?
Yes. All the course providers have their own certification processes and associated certificates. Once you pass the relevant exams you will receive the appropriate certification. All our providers are also now providing Digital Certificates and badges that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.
Do you offer online, self-paced courses?
Yes. Most of our training is now available as eLearning courses that are self-paced. 
How do I get certified?
Most courses require you to pass an exam in order to get certified. You can take the exams anywhere in the world using the online proctoring option provided by PearsonVue.
My company is interested in holding a private workshop. How do we arrange this?
To arrange private workshops please contact us by sending an e-mail to or calling our office.
What makes Silver Platypus different from other training organisations?
Most training organisations get a good presenter or someone that is good at preparing for and delivering course material. We use trainers that are also practitioners. A Silver Platypus trainer not only knows the materials and concepts they are teaching, but they have also applied all the techniques in their own day-to-day interactions with clients.
I see the courses advertised on Silver Platypus also being advertised on other sites such as and What is the relationship between these sites?
The courses delivered by Silver Platypus are created and owned by various vendors, such as Arcitura Education Inc, Scaled Agile Inc and Happy Melly (Lean Change). As a licensed provider of these courses, we advertise the courses on multiple websites.


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