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USD $294.49 Without Exam Vouchers

Have you completed any other CCP course from our selection? If so, this upgrade kit will allow you to extend your knowledge without having to repeat the first two modules.

This eLearning Certification Study Kit Bundle provides online and off-line access for one-year to the course materials you need to complete the Cloud Security Specialist program and prepare for the associated exams required to attain the Certified Cloud Security Specialist accreditation.

This Certification Study Kit Bundle contains the following eLearning Study Kits:

  • Module 7 eLearning Study Kit: Fundamental Cloud Security
  • Module 8 eLearning Study Kit: Advanced Cloud Security
  • Module 9 eLearning Study Kit: Cloud Security Lab

The subscription duration for all kits in the bundle is 1 year from the date of purchase.

The kit is available for purchase either with or without the exam voucher. The Pearson VUE exam voucher can be used to take your exam via online proctoring so you do not have to visit an examination centre, you can take the exam at home or at the office.*

The Details Tab provides additional information about the course content.

*Conditions apply. Please check the Pearson VUE website for more details.


Note: All quoted pricing is excluding GST. For customers in Australia GST will be added during the check-out process.


Module 7 Fundamental Cloud Security
This course dives into the implementation technologies behind the cloud security mechanisms first introduced in Module 2, and further explores how these mechanisms and associated security technologies can be configured and combined to establish a cloud security architecture.

The following primary topics are covered:

• Cloud Security Basics and Common Cloud Security Mechanisms
• Cloud Security Threats and Threat Categorization Methodology
• Identification and Treatment of Common Threats
• Cloud Network Security Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms
• Securing Network Connections and Cloud Authentication Gateways
• Collaborative Monitoring and Logging, Independent Cloud Auditing
• Cloud Identity and Access Management Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms
• Federating and Enabling Secure Interoperability among Cloud Consumers
• Trust Assurance Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms
• Trust Attestation and Establishing Trustworthiness


Module 8Advanced Cloud Security
Complex security topics are addressed by this course, which introduces a set of security design patterns that address the application of cloud security mechanisms and technologies in order to establish sophisticated, custom security controls for preventative and reactionary responses to common threats and attacks.

The following primary topics are covered:

• Cloud Service Security Patterns and Supporting Mechanisms
• Virtual Machine Platform Protection Patterns
• Considerations for Setting Up Secure Ephemeral Perimeters
• Trusted Cloud Resource Pools and Cloud Resource Access Control
• Permanent Data Access Loss Protection and Cloud Data Breach Protection
• Isolated Trust Boundaries
• The Attack Lifecycle and the Security Lifecycle
• Proactive Mitigation vs. Incidence Response
• Threats, Vulnerabilities, Impacts from Exploitation
• Threat Modeling, Threats and Mitigations

Module 9 Cloud Security Lab
A hands-on lab during which participants apply the patterns, concepts, techniques, and mechanisms covered in previous courses, in order to complete a series of exercises that present real-world security problems.

As a hands-on lab, this course provides a set of detailed exercises, that require participants to solve a number of inter-related problems, with the ultimate goal of evaluating, designing and correcting technology architectures to fulfil specific sets of solution and business automation requirements.


Exams & Certification

  • Exams only need to be completed by those interested in attaining certification credit.
  • The exams required for certification can be taken at any Pearson VUE testing center in the world or online via Pearson VUE Online Proctoring. See the Exams page for more information.

Note: All quoted pricing is excluding GST. For customers in Australia GST will be added during the check-out process.

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