SOA and Microservices

The new generation SOACP program from Arcitura is dedicated to excellence in the fields of contemporary service-oriented architecture, microservices, service APIs and service technology. A collection of 23 courses establishes a set of 9 vendor-neutral industry certifications with different areas of specialization.

Founded by best-selling author Thomas Erl, this curriculum focuses on empowering IT professionals with skill-sets that enable and support the planning, development, deployment and governance of modern-day, services-driven automation solutions.

Silver Platypus Pty Ltd is the Licensed Training Partner of Arcitura Education in Australia and South Africa and offers courses from the SOA Certified Professional program around the world. Using the most qualified trainers from Australia, North and South America and other regions, Silver Platypus is able to deliver the training your organisation's needs.

We deliver the SOA and Microservices Training in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For a course near you, check here: SOA and Microservices Training

For private training for your organisation, please contact us directly using the Contact Us form or by sending an email to

The following certifications are available:

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