Service Oriented Architecture

The SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) program is dedicated to excellence in the field of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and service-oriented computing. Through a series of seasoned course modules and exams, IT professionals have the opportunity to obtain a number of different certifications to recognize their accomplishment of gaining project-ready SOA proficiency.

This vendor-neutral program was developed in cooperation with best-selling SOA author Thomas Erl and several major SOA organizations and academic institutions. Through the involvement of an independent education committee, course contents and certification requirements are constantly reviewed and revised to stay current with developments in the service-oriented computing industry.

Silver Platypus Pty Ltd is the Licensed Training Partner of Arcitura Education in Australia and South Africa and offers courses from the SOA Certified Professional program around the world. Using the most qualified trainers from Australia, North and South America and other regions, Silver Platypus is able to deliver the training your organisation needs.

The following certifications are available:

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